Herbicide Application


While forestry mowing is a great tool to get areas cleared of standing vegetation, some species or sites may require additional management. This can be done with repeated mowing with rotary type brush hogs, prescribed fire, or herbicide application. Follow up management on an invasive species mowing typically involves herbicides because of their cost effectiveness and efficiency in treating large areas.


A typical scenario with woody type invasives starts with forestry mowing to mulch the standing plants. This creates access to the unit and also releases the native plants from competition. The following growing season, selective herbicides are applied to kill any invasives that have re-sprouted and also any new germination from the seed bank. Subsequent years will likely entail spot type herbicide applications and monitoring to prevent re-establishment of the invasives. Wick Habitat Services has vast experience with various application methods and the variety of herbicides available. This enables us to provide effective control while minimizing damage to native plants. Precise and effective application methods help you get the most out of your land management budget.


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