The Forestry Mowing Specialist!


Wick Habitat Services is a land management service provider offering forestry mowing and land clearing services in Wisconsin and portions of Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois. Specializing in forestry mowing, we use an environmentally friendly method to clear land of invasive species, unwanted woody vegetation, and logging slash. With the capability to clear several acres a day, landowners and land managers can get more work completed in less time and for less cost than when compared to other land clearing methods.


Having a diverse and extensive experience in all aspects of land management, Wick Habitat Services combines this experience with the newest and most productive equipment available to provide economical solutions to your tree and brush management needs. From removal of invasive species such as buckthorn, honeysuckle, autumn olive, and multiflora rose, to habitat restoration for deer, grouse, songbirds, and endangered species, Wick Habitat Services has the experience to ensure success in your project. We can help with Young Forest Initiative projects, Important Bird Area habitat management, wetland restoration, prairie and oak savanna ecosystems, as well as a wide array of other land clearing applications.


Wick Habitat Services is known to be a premier forestry mowing service to private landowners, biologists, foresters, federal and state agencies, conservation organizations, and land managers. They realize the cost effectiveness and ecologically sound method that forestry mowing brings to their projects. Other services available are grapple work, stump removal, and herbicide application.


No matter if the project is 1 acre or 100, it will receive the attention and expertise needed for a successful outcome and will be completed as cost effectively as possible. Habitat management and restoration is our passion and together with the landowner, we can explore all the different land management options that are available to reach your project goals.

If your project could benefit from forestry mowing or our other services, contact us for an onsite consultation and quote.